Find out what some of the biggest online poker affiliates have to say about Poker Affiliate Solutions.


Within a month of starting out in the rakeback business I realized that my sub-par rakeback offers weren't cutting it. The best offers are only available at insane monthly MGR. I also learned that implementing a user system, tracking system, payment system and bargaining for contracts at 20+ rakeback sites was more than a full-time job and this left no room for what I enjoy: marketing and making money.

I research everything before I buy and I couldn't be happier with choosing Poker Affiliate Solutions to handle my rakeback operations. In the 4 months that I've worked with PAS I was able to create 2 stellar rakeback sites. Tony and Arthur have provided exceptional support for my extreme customization. The software works beautifully,



Once the website was up it was very easy for me to make changes in my back end to make my site look better. PAS also makes it very easy to do SEO in your back end. Another main reason I went to PAS was because they offer MASSIVE rake races and freerolls. This creates huge incentive for players to sign up. When using PAS you can track all your players and how much you are making daily. PAS really made it easy for me to finally own a nice professional looking rakeback site.”

Gjergj Sinishtaj


“It made far more sense to work with PAS and their staff than to try and build my own. This has far exceeded my expectations as they are always on top of what affiliates and rakeback players need. I have easy access to my players and they have a place they can view stats etc. This was the best decision I ever made and if I could only go back in time I would have had something in place a long time ago. Live and learn. If you are thinking about getting into the rakeback business then I strongly encourage you to use the PAS system so you can concentrate on building your business and not having to worry about the other stuff.”



“Things didn't get easy until we found PAS and they took over our rake back program. When they told me that we could just promote and they would handle our customers and pay us I couldn't believe it. The solution I hoped for all along! We no longer had to run a rake back program, fight with affiliate managers, worry about customer support or any of the other hassles involved with running our own rakeback site. Now we just promote pokerwhip.com and progrinders.com and cash the checks.”

Chris "Fox" Wallace


"I believe it was about a year ago when I heard about Poker Affiliate Solutions (PAS) for the first time. At the time, we were thinking about launching a rakeback site, since we were already running several sites in other poker related niches successfully. After considering it, we finally decided not to choose for PAS. It was a tough decision, because our goal was to offer the best rakeback deals available - and by teaming up with PAS, that wouldn't have been a problem! Nevertheless, we decided not to. The reason at the time being was that PAS didn't have the ability to be integrated into our own website, which we considered highly mandatory.

Today, a little less than a year later we have changed our minds. The competition is fierce and a successful rakeback site NEEDS the best deals. Besides that, PAS didn't stand still in the mean time and they've improved their solution drastically. Probably unaware, they've actually implemented some of our suggestions - and now, a full integration of their rakeback administration software is possible and really simple!

The partnership with PAS actually came together after sharing dinner with Tony in Budapest, at the Affiliate Conference. I don't think we actually spoke a single word about working together, but somehow spending time with Tony made us rethink our previous decision. Two weeks later...our renewed rakeback site is a fact! The support we've got so far, from both Tony and Arthur, is simply amazing and we're ready to become the most important rakeback site in the Netherlands. Welcome to Rakeback Poker!"

Giorgio and Theo


"Holdem.ro was the first community with poker players in Romania. We started in the summer of 2005 and now it's still number one, reaching 5000 forum members. Poker is booming here. We just had our first big live tournament and Chris Moneymaker was invited. Daniel Negreanu's roots are in Romania as his parents are from there. My visitors are 'educated' and most of them won't play without a good rakeback deal. With PAS I don't have to worry about anything and I'm glad I took this step."